Shadow Puppets of Kedah

Clown Nunai in Uniform



Clown Nunai in Uniform


Nunai is a male clown character and is usually depicted in profile with one hand holding a blade made from betel nut shears. Both arms of Nunai are articulated at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The articulated arms are manipulated by a puppeteer via a bamboo rod attached by a knotted cord to the hand. The leather puppet is supported by a central bamboo rod that is tied to the leather figure via cording. Nunai also features a hinged and articulated jaw with a bamboo hinge which can be moved via a fiber cord in order to enable the puppet to appear to speak. Height: 43.5 cm, Width: 11.7 cm, Width including left and right arm extended: 57.5 cm


Made in Southern Thailand


Acquisition date 1974




black, green, and red pigment


Goatskin, bamboo rods, fiber cording, black, green, and red pigment

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