Shadow Puppets of Kedah

Weapons and Props



Weapons and Props


A sword, lance, and egg all used as props to facilitate storytelling during a Nang Talung or Wayang Gedek performance. All props are made from goatskin and have a central bamboo rod that supports them that is tied on with fiber cording. The lance is translucent and has been pigmented with a bright red dye that permeates the leather and projects in color behind the shadow puppet screen. Label 9 Height: 18.5cm Width: 3,5cm, label 8 Height: 47.2cm Width: 5.8cm, label 5 Height: 6.8cm Width: 8.1cm non label Height: 9cm Width:


Made in Southern Thailand


Acquisition date 1974


brown and red pigment


Goatskin, bamboo string

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