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  • Under Life-size Head of a Tetrarch

  • Pilaster decorated with a standard bearing imperial portraits

    Object Description: This rectanular pilaster preserves decoration on three sides (one wide face and the two narrow sides). The front face is divided into a narrow upper section decorated with a vegetal (stylized acanthus?) pattern. Below, the much larger middle section. This section is outined by a running vine (ivy?) marking all four side of a rectangular field. Centered within the vegetal frame is a representation of a military standard featuring five circular fieldspositioned along a vertical pole with a round finial at top and crescent-shaped bird-like representation at bottom. the pole terminates in what appears to be some sort of tapered end-cap. The top, central, and bottom roundels contin representations of a pair of male figures. In each case, the left-most figure is depicted as slightly taller than his companion. The figures contained in the middle and upper roundels are depicted as wearing a military cloak, while the figures in the lower roudel wear a toga. Placed between the upper and middle figural roundels, the circular element is likely a wreath, while the round element between the middle and lower figural roundels is a shallow dish-like shape.
  • Porphyry Wing Fragment 2

    Production Marks: N/A
  • Porphyry Wing Fragment 1

    Production Marks: N/A
  • Miniature porphyry foot 1

    Object Description: Under life-size right foot; DIMENSIONS??? Broken diagonally proceeding from ankle to top quadrant of upper in-step. Nails and cuticules sculpturally aticulated.
  • Porphyry Hand with Globe

    Production Marks: N/A
  • Porphyry Neck of a Tetrarch

    Production Marks: N/A
  • Head of Galerius

    Production Marks: N/A