Agnes Robertson, Born December 25, 1833


Agnes Robertson, Born December 25, 1833


Born in Scotland, in 1833, Robertson began acting as a child. Early in her career, Robertson performed with such transatlantic leading actors as the American Charlotte Cushman, and British leading actors. At age 16 in1850, Robertson moved to the Princess’s Theatre London through the auspices of then-famous star actor-manager, Charles Kean (and his wife Ellen Tree-Kean). In London, by 1852, she had become involved with one of Kean’s in-house dramatists, Irish playwright, Dion Boucicault and as a result, in 1853, left the London stage to tour America. When she first arrived across the Atlantic, Robertson, a petite beauty who had proved popular with audiences in Britain, was the box office draw, and was often referred to as the “fairy star.” Robertson had several children by Boucicault, including famous performers Dion Jr and Nina Boucicault. In an interview for The Sketch (16 March 1894), the then retired actress described her appearance as Zoe Peyton in The Octoroon as the “most thrilling” of her career.


December 25, 1833



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