Britannia Prompt Book


Britannia Prompt Book


"At the University of Kent, in Canterbury, England, we have explored an Octoroon promptbook belonging to Frederick Wilton, an actor and stage manager of the Britannia Theatre in London's East End from 1846 to 1875 (""Octoroon: A Collection of Parts,"" Promptbook at Templeman Library University of Kent). Wilton performed the role of Salem Scudder in an 1871 production of the play. Two of the ‘sides’ or character part script promptbooks are from members of Britannia Theatre company, Frederick Wilton, stage manager {“Octoroon ‘Scudder” book in Kent Library, but Wilton actually played Sunnyside in 1871 according to ammendations to cast notes inside}; and Mrs. S[am] Lane’s “Octoroon “Pete” part, inscribed “Mrs. Sarah Lane, Britannia Theatre, Hoxton, July 6 1871.” [Sarah Lane was widow of Sam Lane, and became manager of the Britannia]. These were written on Boucicault, The Octoroon, London: Thomas Hailes Lacy, 1861) edition of Octoroon and contain handwritten notations for at least 3 different possible endings.}


The University of Kent, in Canterbury, England

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