Bernard F. Reilly’s index cards: notes on medieval Iberian charters

Bernard F. Reilly (1925-2021) was one of the leading historians of medieval Spain, author of many books including The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under Queen Urraca, 1109-1126 (Princeton University Press, 1982), The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under King Alfonso VI, 1065- 1109 (Princeton University Press, 1988), The Medieval Spains (Cambridge University Press, 1993), The Contest of Christian and Muslim Spain, 1031-1157 (Wiley Blackwell, 1996), and The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla under Alfonso VII, 1126-1157 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998). 

Over the course of his career, Prof. Reilly took handwritten notes—on many hundreds of index cards—on numerous published and unpublished charters relating primarily to the history of León, Castile, and Galicia, between the tenth and twelfth centuries. In 2019, he entrusted these index cards to Simon R. Doubleday (Professor of History, Hofstra University), and with the assistance of Sarah McCleskey (Hofstra University Library), the Hofstra University EdTech staff, and students Kaylean Saravia, Honor Loeb, Molloy Botros, Andie Bigio, and Rocco DiStefano, these cards have been scanned, digitized, and entered into this database.

You may “Browse All” index cards, or “Search” by year or name. This is an ongoing collaborative enterprise, and you are invited to Post Comments and/or Transcriptions on any of the cards, as well as to tag them with key terms.


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